Our Repertory of Tools

We have built a modern real estate platform, with a wide range of technological of tools to pair the industries top talents with smartest technology.


Our technological platform called Anna is so much more than a CRM System.

Anna empowers you to improve your client relationships, to close more deals and always stay one step ahead with insights powered by artificial intelligence.

We are sure you will fall in love with Anna.


With our unique listing tool REELTM, you save your valuable time.

It allows you to produce a high-quality listing in less than 5 minutes with more information than can be found on any other real estate platform.


Our intelligent, inspiring, and integrated iNet is the most innovative real estate Data Management Software for the real estate industry.

Groundbreaking potential analysis and detection and cross reference modeling leads to better quality of client relations and therefore to more success for you.


A personalized dashboard with unparalleled information provides you with all information you need to develop and improve your successful sales strategy, manage your valuable time, and deliver all the key data points and traffic information you will ever need.

Mobile Office

With your VALCOM tablet you will handle your listings, sign Forms with your clients, communicate with clients and your colleagues and handle your leads.

Faster, simpler, better.

Realistic Imaging Experience

Our software Realistic Imaging Experience RIXTM allows you to present a property as it could be, which helps potential buyers emotionally connect to the unit.


A virtual and visual workspace that allows you to collaborate with your clients in real time.

Organize and share properties, comment, answer questions, monitor the market and centralize your discussions in the most efficient way possible.

Smart leads

With our smart lead technology, you will have more and higher quality leads for your listings.
And we all know, high quality leads mean more success in your business.